Recently, while delivering cookies to thank our fundraising event table captains, I ran into a resident who lives at a SNAP property. We had a short conversation about how things were going and how they felt about their housing, and in that moment I was reminded what it means to be an ambassador for SNAP. While walking downtown carrying my bags of cookies I was representing SNAP – not just to the fantastic partners I was visiting, but to the Spokane community as a whole.

The resident I ran into didn’t need to see my name badge to know that I work for SNAP, they remembered my face. But wearing a SNAP T-shirt, name badge or driving a SNAP vehicle only heightens our visibility. SNAP employees end up answering questions in grocery stores and while visiting parks with our families. I was at a restaurant celebrating with a staff group not too long ago, and I mentioned SNAP during our meal. Just like that someone walked up to me to share their story and ask for help. At SNAP we know it’s important to treat people with respect whether they have an appointment with us or not.

Being an ambassador for SNAP means taking extra care and responsibility to live up to our mission and values even when we aren’t in our office. If someone recognizes us, our T-shirt or our vehicle and wants help or information we try to take the time to listen and share no matter where we are. SNAP’s willingness to help and share resources with our community is one of the things that helps us stand out and stand apart. It’s all of our employees who are passionate about their work and are excited about helping others that truly makes SNAP what it is.

Written by Amber Boice, SNAP’s Director of Mission Support