What is Spokane Ride to Health?

SNAP’s transportation and health services are evolving as we are continually adding programs under the umbrella of Spokane Ride to Health. Each of our programs employ a Community Health Worker (CHWs) to improve additional social determinants of health. SNAP’s CHWs are not medical providers, but are trusted and knowledgeable frontline personnel who typically come from the communities they serve with the goal of bridging cultural and linguistic barriers, expand access to coverage and care, and improve health outcomes by focusing on whole person health. 


Here is a quick primer of many of the services offered through Spokane Ride to Health: 

SNAP Neighbors on the Go:

SNAP’s Neighbors on the Go program is designed to serve Spokane County residents 65+ years of age and/or persons living with disabilities, who otherwise would not qualify or be able to utilize public transportation options.

Riders are able to request rides for medical related transportation needs such as attending an appointment with a Primary Care Physician or picking up a prescription at their local pharmacy.

SNAP is looking for exceptional individuals in the Spokane area to commit to improving medical access to the most vulnerable members of our community by Volunteering to be a Driver. Follow the links below to find out more about being a rider or a volunteer driver for Neighbors on the GO!





Housing Stability: 

SNAP is privileged to have skilled community health workers who are able to make Ride to Health’s various programs more than a transportation service. Community Health Workers intend to go above and beyond basic transportation needs to address social determinants of health. They assist with the following: 

  • In-home assessments
  • Rides to food sources/social events/classes
  • In-home welfare checks
  • Rides to pharmacy or medical appointments
  • Setting-up medication boxes

Food Security

SNAP works with Spokane Regional Health District to help ensure access to food, especially in areas that suffer from food insecurity. This offers an opportunity for people living in specific senior housing to access transportation to and from grocery stores, as well as access to a community health worker.

During COVID-19

During COVID-19, Spokane Ride to Health is working with our neighbors who help increase access to essential services. Our Community health Workers are serving residents at affordable housing properties to provide safe access to pharmacies and grocery stores, as well as food distribution in partnership with 2nd Harvest Food Bank. 

For more information, call or email at:

Phone: 509-456-SNAP
Email: flynn@snapwa.org

In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, SNAP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin. For more information on your rights or the procedures to file a discrimination complaint, or to request this information in an accessible format, please contact the EEO Officer at (509) 456-7627, or SNAP’s Whistalks Way Office located 3102 W. Whistalks Way Drive Spokane, WA 99224.

If information is needed in another language, contact (509) 325-6094.

Si necesita información en otro idioma, comuníquese al (509) 325-6094.

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