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What is Spokane Ride to Care (SRTC)?

SRTC is Spokane County’s only service designed for low-acuity medical transports to urgent care facilities. The intention of SRTC is to reduce costs for clients who otherwise would struggle to afford the full medical expenses that come with ambulance and ER visits, while also providing quality care and shorter wait times. While standard ER treatments cost an average of $1,386 including medical transportation costs, SRTC reduces that financial burden to an average of $286.

In addition to providing transportation to Urgent Care centers, SRTC offers a return transportation home and/or to a pharmacy upon request.


Did you know?

SRTC seeks to offer:


What qualifies as ‘low-acuity’ needs?

Patient acuity refers to the level of need and care required. For example, a high-acuity patient will need a lot of intensive care, while a low-acuity patient would need care without intensive treatment. See below for examples of low-acuity call descriptions:

Allergic, no priority symptoms
Animal bite, not dangerous
Assault, not dangerous or non-recent
Back pain
Burns, minor
Choking, not choking now
Diabetic, alert
Exposure (heat/cold)
Eye problems, minor
Fall, not dangerous or non-recent
Hemorrhage, not dangerous or non-recent
Seizure, not seizing now
Sick (e.g. nausea, rash, sore throat, tootheache)
Trauma, not dangerous or non-recent



How do I access care via SRTC?

As of right now, SRTC is only accessible through a referral by an on-scene paramedic after you call 911. If you feel as though you should seek medical attention, please call 911. After an assessment by the emergency responder(s), you may request SRTC as your medical transport provider. If the emergency responders determine your having a low acuity, they may grant a referral to SRTC.

As it relates to medical care, we want to make sure that you receive the best care possible to fit your needs. Because of that, we defer to emergency responders for proper assessment of medical needs.



During what hours does SRTC operate?

SRTC operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 8am-7:15pm each day.



For more information, call or email at:

Phone: 509-456-SNAP