Did you know that low-income households typically spend 14% of their total annual income on energy, compared with 3.5% for other households. Rising energy costs compound this burden.
As we get ready to celebrate National Weatherization Day on October 30, SNAP’s weatherization crews are busy preparing low-income Spokane County households for the cold weather ahead.
The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is the nation’s largest residential energy efficiency program for low-income and vulnerable populations. Weatherization reduces home energy consumption, which provides a permanent boost to the household’s budget. Typical weatherization services include: installing insulation, duct sealing and performing basic heating repairs. Clients are educated on energy-saving tips and maintenance measures.
Since 2010, SNAP has changed the housing futures of over 1,000 families throughout Spokane County. Currently SNAP is not accepting any new applications, but for further information contact the Housing Improvement Office (509)744-3370.
(Written by Kim Kreber, SNAP’s Energy Conservation Specialist.)