Energy Appointments open on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month. Here are the 2022-2023 Opening Dates:

Nov. 15: 8am | Dec. 20: 8am | Jan 17: 8am | Feb. 21: 8am

We encourage our clients to reach out for energy assistance before it becomes an emergency. You can do so by reaching out to SNAP on the third Tuesday of every month to schedule an energy assistance appointment. This can help take pressure off your energy bill. You can do this by calling 509-242-2376 or visiting

However, if you are past-due and facing imminent shut-off, we recommend that you: Call SNAP: 509-456-SNAP and ask to schedule an emergency appointment.

If you are at risk of imminent shut-off, contact your utility company to see if any arrangements can be made while you wait for SNAP assistance.

Thank you for your patience as we work to meet your needs and the community needs as a whole. You matter to us!


SNAP offers a number of programs to help our clients with their energy needs:

Energy Assistance
– Water Assistance
– Furnace Repair
– Shelter Assistance
– Air Cooling/Purification*
Emergency Project Share
– Avista Rate Discount (Senior/Disabled)
– Avista Arrearage Management
– U-Help

* To be eligible for an Air Conditioner or Air Purifier unit, you must be eligible for LIHEAP. Please note: Air purifiers are only offered in connection with an active State of Emergency declared by the Governor for Wildfire Emergencies and are only offered in those counties named in the declaration.

Eligible for energy assistance?
View our income guidelines HERE!

Eligible? Make an appointment HERE.

Need more information? Contact Us:

The 2021-2022 Energy Assistance season has ended. Please see above for information to make an appointment for the 2022-2023 season.”


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