I went to a party today, a celebration of the life of Randy Felice. Randy was a Housing Counselor at SNAP for 10 years, and he helped make it possible for people to buy their first home, and others to save their home from foreclosure. He, like many others here, lived out the SNAP mission every day with his considerable knowledge and experience, combined with a real commitment to giving every client the greatest opportunity he could.
Three days after Randy died a man called the office to talk to him, and when he was told that Randy had been in an accident and didn’t make it, the man cried.  This man was calling to let Randy know that after two years of working together to save his home, he had just received the loan modification he needed. It was only because of Randy’s guidance every step of the way that the man and his family would continue to own their home.  It was a great sorrow that this man couldn’t share their mutual success and say “thank you” for the help that had meant so much.
Like Randy, the staff at SNAP are passionate about helping people in need, about treating everyone with the respect they deserve, about giving people opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, and about advocating for justice for those who need a little extra help in our society.
We miss Randy so much, and we are reminded to appreciate each other for the gift of community we share.  We are inspired to go on helping people in need for as long as we are able to do so.
Thank you, Randy!
(Written September 2012 by Kerri Rodkey, SNAP’s Director of Financial Stability Services.)