Opportunities Every Day

SNAP (Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners) is the local and regional advocate for the most vulnerable people living within our community. With a dedicated board of directors, staff and volunteers, SNAP diligently searches for long-term solutions to eliminate poverty. For over 50 years SNAP has served the Spokane region as a leading voice on poverty. As the Spokane area’s Community Action leader, SNAP takes the lead in educating and empowering our low-income neighbors. We’ve always believed that a hand-up goes a lot further than a hand-out, and have, since our inception, helped people transition from crisis to stability by caring for immediate needs while laying the foundation for future success.

Our mission is to increase the human potential of our community by providing opportunities for people in need.

One of Spokane County’s largest private human-services agencies, SNAP focuses on serving the whole family with a commitment to providing a wide-range of accessible services for those living in poverty.

SNAP has positioned neighborhood offices to provide the most basic of human needs that many of us take for granted.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see some of our programs in action! WATCH HERE.


  • Increasing the human potential of our community by providing opportunities for people in need.


  • A strong community where all people have the opportunity to strive toward their full potential.


  • COMMUNITY: We believe that nurturing client-focused partnerships builds community.
  • RESPECT: We believe in recognizing the dignity and inherent worth of all individuals.
  • JUSTICE: We believe in advocating for what is fair, honorable and equitable.


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