SnacktivistJoni Kindwall-Moore and her son are gluten intolerant and Joni was constantly challenged to find quick and easy foods to create, while keeping it healthy, as well as gluten and egg free. Joni pulled from her education and knowledge in biology and nursing to experiment and create recipes for dry mixes that are gluten free, and dairy free as well.

Joni first presented her business idea at Start up Spokane in November 2014 and her business idea finished as one of the Top 10 ideas for the weekend competition. She eventually quit her job as a nurse and health educator in June 2015 to pursue the dream that would become Snacktivist Foods.

While working to build her business, Joni contacted the SNAP Women’s Business Center (WBC) for help with business accounting. Cara Weipert, manager of the WBC, met Joni at her business office to assess her level of knowledge and to find out what Joni needed to manage her business accounts. Together, they organized the businesses’ financial information and worked on a 3-year cash projection for the business. Joni went on to take a series of workshops through the WBC to help her further develop her start-up business. In the workshops, Joni learned how to create the right product for the right audience for her business.

Snacktivist believes that convenience is a primary barrier preventing American families from eating healthy. The company came up with a solution by launching a line of dry mixes that are delicious, simple to use and wholesome. They are also gluten, egg and dairy-free which is of significant importance if you have food intolerances, allergy or avoid animal products. The company’s mission is to “make healthy cooking easy”.

Snacktivist produces dry-mix products that can be purchased locally in the Spokane area as well as locations across the west coast.