The Women’s Business Center held a luncheon on Friday, October 23, 2015, to bring together SNAP employees, WBC clients and Spokane community leaders. Julie Honekamp (CEO), Cameryn Flynn (Business Development Coordinator) and Cara Weipert (WBC Manager) invited Christine McCabe, Wendy VanOrman, Krisann Hatch, and Danielle Witte to meet two current clients of the Women’s Business Center.

mstewart_sisters bees

Melissa Stewart of Sister Bees Kitchen first utilized SNAP business development services in September 2013. She was in need of credit building in hopes of obtaining a loan for her specialty gourmet granola business. Melissa also took a business plan workshop.  Since that time she has been selling her products at local farmer’s markets and at The Shop on Perry Street. In April 2015, Melissa attended the Wave accounting classes and social media workshops through Access IT at the WBC. With the dream of eventually quitting her day job and devoting herself full time to her business, Melissa worked with a consultant who helped her develop a website and Facebook page. She was also able to purchase a laptop and keyboard through the Prime grant program.

Tara Wear started a series of six classes utilizing the Lean Startup methodology in July 2015. A Communication instructor at Gonzaga University, Tara envisioned starting a company to help individuals reduce their fear of public speaking, increase confidence and in turn increase sales and outcomes, while enhancing personal and professional relationships. Powerful Connections was born with Tara’s dream of connecting people. With an additional eight sessions of one-on-one meetings with a consultant, SNAP helped her work on branding her company, and her presentation to potential companies and clients. A business consultant agreement was drawn up and we are now working on her Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification.

Both clients were incredibly grateful for the help they have received in building their businesses and could not imagine being where they are today without SNAP’s help.

Lunch was provided by the Little Garden Café, a small neighborhood restaurant across from Audubon Park.