I had the opportunity recently to participate in the Kansas Community Action Partnership (KACAP) poverty conference, titled HOPE – Helping Overcome Poverty’s Existence – in Wichita, Kansas. What a fantastic group of people to spend three days with and learn from.
At SNAP we gain inspiration in many ways. We are inspired as we watch clients grow and become more self-sufficient. We are inspired as new partners walk into our doors eager to help SNAP serve our community. We are inspired when we connect with individuals across our country who are as dedicated to eliminating poverty as we are.
I was reminded as I watched the conference organizers run from one end of the convention center to the next to ensure every detail was well managed, just how hard it is to put together a conference. I want to thank them for that behind-the-scenes work that allowed me to connect with people who share my interests and helped to renew my passion for fighting poverty.
It’s at conferences like KACAP’S HOPE conference where I am reminded that, while each state has their own unique issues, we are all joined together in the fight to help overcome poverty’s existence. There is nothing quite as powerful as the reminder that you are not alone in your fight.
(Written by Amber Boice SNAP’s Director of Mission Support Services)

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