On Monday, May 20th, SNAP hosted its annual Partner Appreciation Event. This year, the venue changed to Nectar Downtown, where guests were treated to an assortment of cheese trays, appetizers, and drinks.

KHQ’s Grace Chapin emceed our event, which had over 100 partners RSVP. The new venue at Nectar served us well, offering ample space for guests to mingle and network.

Here are this year’s nominees and winners:

Mission in Action:

Shawn Adam, Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning
Christie Anderson, Whitworth University
Sgt. Reece Baker, Airway Heights Correctional Center
Numerica Credit Union

WINNER: Numerica Credit Union

Value of Community:

Chris Clark, Clark’s Tire & Automotive
Collaborative Health Initiative
Marcia & Tim Dorwin, Advocates
Jeff Frater, Volunteer- Spokane Ride to Care
Victor Grecu, Client/Advocate
Loy Loomis, Forza Coffee
Julie Oliver, Spokane Clean Air Agency
Kim Plese, Plese Printing
Joseph Ready, Volunteer
Amber Waldref, Northeast Community Center

WINNER: Julie Oliver- Spokane Clean Air Agency

Value of Justice:

Darlene Albi, Modern Electric Water Company
Megan Kennedy, Rogue Heart Media
Spokane Riverkeeper, Center for Justice
Skip Templeton, DCT Controls

WINNER: Darlene Albi – Modern Electric Water Company

Value of Respect:

Harlan Harden, Harden Properties
Tyler Lafferty, Seven 2
Darrien Mack, Community Minded Enterprises
Deanna Stark & Mike Wiser, CHAS


Hidden Hero:

Hidden Hero is secretly awarded, and thus has no nominees in advance.

WINNER: Harlan Harden, Harden Properties