When John and Mariana Zberea arrived in the U.S. from the Republic of Moldova in February 2009, they had visions of fulfilling the traditional“American Dream.”

Four years later, John continues to operate a thriving trucking business while referring others to a local resource that provides a similar framework for success.

Greg Franson, a business development specialist with SNAP Financial Access, first met John in March 2010, about a year after he launched a Spokane-based company called NMZ Trucking with the help of several relatives. John, who worked as a logistics manager for Missions Without Borders in Moldova, heard about SNAP through family and came to Greg seeking a loan for a truck trailer.

“At that time, I wanted to grow, but the banks couldn’t help because I didn’t have a credit history,” John said.

“I was very impressed with John’s accounting and bookwork,” Franson recalls. “He’s a wise businessman and I could see he was very ambitious.”

SNAP was able to generate the loan for John’s flatbed trailer. In April 2011, NMZ incorporated as an LLC and now works with Fred Korneychuck of Core Transportation LLC which provides Zberea with dispatch loads.

Mariana said the opportunity for John to access mentoring from Greg has been as important as the loan itself.

“Every time we’ve come here, it has been helpful,” she said. “When we ask Greg for advice, he is always there to help.”

Greg said John has been a boon to Financial Access, providing close to 10 new referrals in the last several years.

“John gives back now by mentoring some of our latest clients,” Greg explained.

As the business expands, John has more flexibility with his driving schedule. He and Mariana bought a home in north Spokane last year and welcomed a child, Melissa, in August.

“It was our goal to have our own home,” said John who is also enrolled in SNAP’s Wealth Builder program with Mariana. “First for us is the belief and trust in God that He will bless us, and second is hard work. We know that everything is possible.”