One of our staff, Angel, wrote this post to share part of her SNAP story:

How long have I been involved with SNAP? For over 5 years; I have been a client, an ambassador, and now an employee. I am a single mother with three children and I have the same journey as so many others do – I am struggling to make ends meet. I was laid off from a previous job because I needed to stay home with my sickly child who is now three, and just as vibrant and as much of a terror as any other 3-year-old.

When the dust settled I decided that I wanted to do more with my day, and I had an epiphany: I wanted to work someplace that gives back to the community, so that I could give back to my community. I decided to become an ambassador with SNAP.

This decision brought me to Ann Marie Shoemaker and Sharon Robertson, two kind SNAPpers who are wonderful to work with! As soon as I met them I just knew I’d made the right decision and would be blessed beyond my means. In spite of all that I have been through, I knew that God placed me where he wanted me to be. He put me in a place where I was able to relate to other parents and give them feedback – I connected on their level and made them aware that there is always hope, that there are resources available for them.

Who knew that SNAP was so wonderful and had over 30 programs to assist and empower their community? I certainly learned! Speaking to the parents helped in more ways than one…I gained more confidence in public speaking, I gained relationships that are lasting, I gained knowledge about Spokane, and I was doing my part to give back!

After a while I decided that I wanted to become a true SNAPper! Bill Cosby once made a statement that I keep in my head all the time: “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” So, I decided, I want to do this kind of thing permanently. Giving back to the community is not something I have to do but what I want to do and enjoy doing. It gives me joy and a sense of peace to help others. Since being hired with SNAP, (YES! I said hired! My journey has not ended) I have learned more about being compassionate and learned that there are more people out there who could use this same type of journey, but just need a little push.

SNAP is an awesome support system that helps give me energy to inspire people. My goal is to remain motivated for my community. Working with SNAP – the clients and my co-workers –gives me a reason to remember that IN SPITE OF IT ALL, my journey is well-deserved and I am more than blessed by the opportunities that God has given me (and that SNAP has given as well).

Thank you to Ann Marie and Sharon for being there from the start and watching me as I grow into a seasoned SNAPper!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a SNAP volunteer or Ambassador, please contact Anne Marie at