Array of SNAP services helps single mom live learn, and THRIVE

Back when Desire (pronounced Des-er-ay) first found out about SNAP, she had no idea where the journey would take her.  Nineteen years old and a single mom, she was looking for services to help her find a safe place to live and support in raising her baby. At that time, SNAP was offering both Pregnant and Parenting Teens and Life Skills classes that helped Desire during the early stages of motherhood.

“Having a contact, a real person, to help navigate the systems, was so helpful.”

  Desire felt welcomed at SNAP, like they were truly trying to help her and her challenging situation. Reflecting back, she says, “Having a contact, a real person, to help navigate the systems, was so helpful.”

Through SNAP, she was able to learn about other services she could utilize. She was able to obtain a housing subsidy voucher through Spokane Housing Authority, and a representative from Career Path Services presented at the Life Skills class.

That door opened to help her secure a job at the Boys and Girls Club teaching art, a passion of hers. Desire continued to attend the Life Skills classes over the next few months and soak up the information she was given. “I started my adult life, thanks to SNAP.”

Desire’s life stabilized and she called on SNAP a couple times over the years to help with energy assistance when things were tight. Her family grew with her – she now had four daughters. SNAP was able to weatherize both the first and second home that Desire owned, helping cut down on energy bills.

After moving away for a time, Desire and her girls returned to Spokane. Now it was time to follow up on a life dream – owning her own business focused on her art. Once again, SNAP had options for her. Starting in 2015, she took classes to help her develop a business plan and was able to secure a business loan through SNAP, which helped her purchase a computer and projector for her startup. In 2016, she was ready to launch her mural business: Backspin

Mural at Ruby Salon

As many of us know, life has a funny way of working out. Very soon after her business was up and running, Desire was offered a good job with various benefits, offering her flexibility and stability at the same time. However, thanks to her journey and personal growth, Desire was now confident in her ability to make her own decisions for the good of her family. She did take that job, and after four years, she continues to run her business on the side, taking on projects for which she is passionate and that fuel her soul.

    You can see some of Desire’s beautiful work on display at locations such as Wheelsport and Pathfinder Café on the South Hill, Thomas Hammer Coffee downtown, Batch Bakeshop in West Central, Belle’s Brunch House in Hayden, and many homes throughout the area, where her murals add a cozy touch and bring joy to their owners.

“I started my adult life, thanks to SNAP.”