What Diane Omeron lacks in mobility she makes up for in personality. At 71 years old, Diane relies on her motorized wheelchair to get around. She enjoys camping, fishing and spending time in the sun.

When searching for a new home almost 15 years ago, Diane says she knew she had found the one when she sat on the deck and looked at the beautiful back yard. Despite some challenges, she is determined to stay in her home and be self-sufficient as long as possible. Diane will tell you that SNAP has made this wish possible.

Living on a fixed income with a disability can be a struggle but utilizing SNAP’s services has allowed Diane to remain in her home. She has been receiving services from SNAP since 1994. When high winter heating bills became burdensome, SNAP’s Energy Assistance program assisted with her heating bill. The Weatherization program addressed issues such as improper insulation and a faulty furnace, making her home more energy efficient, therefore lowering her utility bills for years to come.

When Diane struggled with a bathroom that was no longer accessible in her motorized wheelchair, she turned to SNAP’s Minor Home Repair department. Handicap modifications were installed which allowed Diane to utilize her bathroom while maintaining her independence. These modifications were made possible by funding SNAP receives from Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington (ALTCEW).

Most recently, Diane contacted SNAP to report that she was no longer able to access her backyard. Her only entry to this area was a deck that was rotting and unsafe. With the help of funding from ALTCEW, SNAP replaced Diane’s deck and built a ramp that allows her to reach her backyard. She now spends a great deal of time there. You can often find her relaxing on her deck enjoying the summer in the shade of a big tree. Diane says she often naps there and likens the time she now spends on her new deck to camping.

This deck with attached ramp also provides Diane with a second exit route. It brings her comfort to know that she has multiple options in case of emergency. Diane is grateful to SNAP and ALTCEW for her new deck and additional accessibility modifications. Funding from ALTCEW has allowed SNAP to assist seniors in the community live in a safer, more accessible home which in turn allows them to remain in their home as they age.