For 50 years SNAP has served the Spokane region as a leading voice on poverty. As the Spokane area’s Community Action leader, SNAP takes the lead in educating and empowering the low-income people in our neighborhoods. We’ve always believed that a hand-up goes further than a hand-out. Since our inception, we have helped people transition from crisis to self-sufficiency by caring for immediate needs while laying the foundation for future successes.

If SNAP wasn’t here, Spokane would look and feel very different

  • More families would be homeless.
  • Jobs may be lost, as businesses fold for lack of investment or assets.
SNAP invests nearly every dollar into into client services and our community
  • Most of SNAP’s funding includes complicated requirements and specific rules dictating how funds are spent.

SNAP is looking for partners to invest in making an impact. SNAP needs to have reliable resources to pursue opportunities to serve people of low income in innovative and responsive ways, and to extend our services to meet needs in the community.

What happens when you move people out of poverty?

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