Credit Building Package

Grow your credit score with the help of SNAP and its trained and certified credit counselors.

SNAP has three credit building workshops to help you learn how to manage your credit, grasp your credit score, access your credit reports, improve your credit score, negotiate with collectors, and dispute bad debt.

Below, you can see an infographic outlining the hot spots you can get with each course. Keep scrolling for a deeper dive into what each course has to offer.

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Navigating Your Credit World

Cost: Offered at no cost to you

  • Learn how to get free access and understand your credit reports.
  • Avoid common mistakes with debt that can ruin your financial situation and your credit.
  • Recognize the key factors in lending.
  • Find a path to build your score.
  • Understand how a top credit rating is a financial asset.

Decisive Credit Building

Cost: Valued at over $1,500 — Offered to you for $50

  • Prepare for a one-one meeting with the Financial Counselor.
  • Grasp the various types of credit scores.
  • Learn clear, practical ways to increase your credit rating.
  • Possible referral to Credit Builder Loan Program!
  • We strongly recommend taking Navigating Your Credit World before Decisive Credit Building
  • $50 could save you thousands of dollars

D.R.A.I.N. your Bad Debt

Dispute, Refute, Authenticate, Investigate, & Negotiate your Delinquent Debt

Price: Included with Decisive Credit Building

  •  Get the most out of various “Dispute” and “Debt Validation” methods.
  • Tips on how to negotiate with collectors.
  • What Judgments are and how they might affect your life
  • Explain some Student Loan tips for saving money and/or getting the loan cancelled.

Part of harnessing credit success means learning how to take hold of your financial situation by discovering key principles to succeed with your budget and avoid financial crises.

This is exactly the information offered in our “Give Yourself a Raise” workshop, where you will learn how to establish practical money goals and recognize predators.

Visit our workshop list HERE and sign up today.

With these tools, you can have complete control of your financial and credit future.

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