D.R.A.I.N. your Bad Debt

Dispute, Refute, Authenticate, Investigate, & Negotiate your Bad Debt

Price: Included FREE with Decisive Credit Building

  •  Get the most out of various “Dispute” and “Debt Validation” methods.
  • Tips on how to negotiate with collectors.
  • What Judgments are and how they might affect your life
  • Explain some Student Loan tips for saving money and/or getting the loan cancelled.

The Predatory Nature of “Credit Repair” Companies

Jessica’s Story

Jessica came to us with a 465 credit score- one of the worst scores most lenders will ever see. She had an incredibly high-interest auto loan and collections of over $1,000. She got into the Credit Building Loan Program as quickly as possible and paid both loans on time. She successfully kept the credit card balance below 30% of the limit and in less than 6 months, her score was 644… able to buy a home!

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