Avista is offering a rate discount for qualifying senior citizens and people with disabilities who are living on a fixed income.Eligibility for participating in this rate discount program will be determined by SNAP, and is limited to the first 700 agency-qualified customers. This is a two-year program that will begin October 1, 2015 and end September 30, 2017. Sign-up now to take full advantage of this discount. Spokane County Program Overview ›› Limited to the first 700 agency-qualified customers. ›› Rate discount can be applied to either electric or natural gas service (not both). ›› Discounts are approximately 3¢ per kilowatt-hour of electricity, or 41¢ per therm of natural gas. ›› Total discount amounts are based on customers’ annual energy usage and may vary. General Eligibility Guidelines ›› Avista electric or natural gas customer. ›› Either a senior citizen (60+ years of age) and/or living with a documented disability. ›› Living on a fixed income with in the income guidelines