SNAP’s Board of Directors spent significant time collaborating and brainstorming to create SNAP’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Statement. Watch the video below to hear this statement read by SNAP EDI Council members.

In case you have a more visual learning style, you can find the full text of the statement below:

SNAP’s mission is to increase the human potential of our community by providing opportunities for people in need. Many people in our community face racism, discrimination and other barriers based on their identity that prevent them from reaching their human potential. SNAP cannot deliver on its mission without an active and continuing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in its policies, practices and programs.

The Board, Management, Staff and Volunteers at SNAP do their work because they have a fundamental and abiding desire to help people. We are more effective at achieving SNAP’s mission when we embrace and practice the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. SNAP’s success in these practices requires deep and honest examination of our own beliefs, current practices, the lived experiences of those we serve, and the complex web of social structures that lead to inequitable outcomes based on identity. SNAP is committed to acting on what is learned from this deep and honest examination. However difficult, uncomfortable and challenging this process, SNAP and our community is better and stronger for it.

To achieve our mission and act on our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the SNAP Board will:

  • Regularly gather and assess data that tells us who is disproportionately in need.
  • Engage those disproportionately in need in more specifically identifying and prioritizing need.
  • Engage those disproportionately in need in identifying and prioritizing opportunities that will effectively address those needs.
  • Regularly assess and identify our biases and privileges so that they to not impair our ability to deliver on equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Act as an advocate in our community for equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Ensure that our leadership, staff, volunteers and community partners reflect the diversity represented in the communities we serve