Who can apply?
Total household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, or 60% of the state median income, whichever is greater. Those household at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines are our priority.
If I rent, am I still eligible for assistance?
Yes, this program is for homeowners and renters. If you rent your home, your landlord must sign paperwork agreeing to SNAP’s program guidelines.
As a landlord who rents out my unit, are there restrictions on this assistance?
There are several restrictions. The primary restriction is, that in order to receive assistance, landlords must agree not to raise rent for one year following completion of SNAP’s weatherization assistance on the rental home. If the rental home is sold within 3 years of completion of SNAP Weatherization, then the landlord must agree to pay for a pro-rated share of the Weatherization services or have the new owner assume the agreement.
What kind of work will be performed on my home?
For starters, SNAP staff will call to schedule a time to meet you and to perform an energy audit (assessment) of your home. The energy audit will help them identify cost-effective, energy-saving measures as well as additional work that may be needed to ensure a safe and healthy home.
Is there any cost to me?
There is no cost for qualifying low-income homeowners. This program may also assist eligible landlords who own qualifying rental homes.
What is the waiting period to receive help?
At the current time, our waiting list is more than one year long.
Will you replace all the windows in my home?
No. Our funding sources strictly limit window replacements. Our inspectors will determine what is most cost-effective under the program guidelines.
What is your plan to protect workers and clients and workers from COVID-19?  We have a COVID-19 protection plan. You can find that information HERE.