As a result of COVID-19, our community is facing challenges we have never before faced. Social distancing has come with its own set of obstacles, including a large amount of our neighbors being laid off or having their hours cut back, and schools being closed for the remainder of the school year.

Please know: SNAP is dedicated to helping all of our neighbors through this situation we collectively face. We understand that parents are confronted with some particularly unique hurdles. Please read below for some of the chief ways SNAP intends to support you through this difficult time:

SNAP can help reduce your financial burden helping to pay your energy bill. Assistance is available for both standard energy relief or emergency energy relief.

SNAP has several home repair programs to help with your health and safety. Given COVID-19 our crew is prioritizing issues that affect water, sewage, or heat.

Thanks to a partnership with the City of Spokane, U-HELP, and Salvation Army, SNAP can now provide assistance with water, sewage, and garbage.

SNAP’s Women’s Business Center can help small business owners navigate SBA relief and find ways to keep your business afloat amid COVID-19-related challenges.

SNAP offers several financial literacy courses to help you grow your credit score or get ready to own a business or buy a home. Better yet: We have a new learning platform so you can take all of these courses from the safety of your home!

SNAP Ride to Health is innovating in light of COVID-19 to offer transportation to residents at our affordable housing units to go to the grocery store and pharmacy. Return rides provided, and heavy disinfecting is utilized. Learn more about SNAP Ride to Health!

Although these are a few of our services that we have either expanded or chosen to highlight as a result of challenges you may face from COVID-19, this is by no means a complete list of SNAP services. We offer over 30 programs and services designed to assist our neighbors, whether you are struggling to meet your basic needs or already comfortable and ready to dive into the next phase of your life.

We invite you to delve into our full list of programs and services found below: