Counseling and classes are free of charge and open to everyone. Restrictions may apply to other services. Struggling To Make Your Mortgage Payment? Have your expenses increased due to medical bills, divorce, or an increase in your mortgage interest rate. Maybe you’re trying to get by with less because your hours were cut or your business is struggling. If this sounds like your situation, it’s important to be proactive! Get on the right path to real help and real answers – right now. You may be able to:
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payments through a modification
  • Suspend your mortgage payments while you look for employment
  • Or receive assistance with selling your home for less than you owe
Foreclosure Prevention Program: Applicants must have exhausted all other forms of assistance for retaining their home, including but not limited to refinance and loan modification. Property must be occupied by the owner, and the home must be their primary residence. Qualified applicants must have a household income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income. SNAP must hold a first lien position. Loan amount must be at least $3,000. Loan requires equity in the property; loan amount shall not exceed 80% of property value. Credit history review is required. Applicants must have the ability to repay the loan. Mortgage Default Counseling: Helps homeowners determine what options may be available to remedy default and avoid foreclosure. Counselors assist households by arranging repayment plans with their lender and by providing information and referral to other resources.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Call (509) 456-SNAP (7627) and a Housing Counselor will return your call within 48 hours.

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