Helping existing homeowners improve their financial situation. At SNAP, we seek to promote and sustain homeownership for all members of our community. In cooperation with our Housing Counseling Program, SNAP Financial Access can help prepare you for home mortgage loans. Our home mortgage loan program is specifically designed to help low to moderate income homeowners with home mortgage loans focusing on improving their financial situation. SNAP Financial Access is your local non-profit neighborhood partner. Our experienced staff will help you explore the financial options that are best for you and your home.

Why Should You Consider a Home Mortgage Loan Support from SNAP?

  • If you are considering debt consolidation or planning home renovations, come talk to us and see what options are available to you.
  • Protect yourself from rising interest rates. Predictable monthly payments that stay the same for the selected term.
  • Alongside mortgage loan preparation we offer comprehensive financial services
    • We will connect you with a highly qualified counselor and explore the options that are best for you.

Learn more about our home mortgage loan program

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