What services does SNAP energy assistance provide?

SNAP provides Energy Assistance in a number of ways. Our general energy assistance is available for income-qualifying households.

We also offer Emergency Project Share, which is for households that are NOT eligible for heating assistance or who have exhausted all other available energy assistance resources.

For Spokane County Avista customers, SNAP completes enrollments for My Energy Discount, provides emergency grants through LIRAP Share when customers need help paying their bill, and submits applications for the Arrearage forgiveness/management programs for income qualifying households.

SNAP also currently administers U-Help and Utility Bill Relief, which provides aid for those in need of paying their utility bills (water, sewage, or garbage).

Do I qualify for energy assistance?

In order to qualify, households must reside in Spokane County. Furthermore, depending on the program, households may need to income qualify.

Check the income guidelines for the various Energy programs HERE.

You may also contact a SNAP office with questions about our Energy programs by calling 509-456-SNAP (7627).

I’m out of fuel or have received a shut-off notice. What do I do?

Call our main SNAP line right away: 509-456-SNAP. Let our information specialists know about your status, and we will attempt to get you an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

What is the energy season and how often can I receive assistance?

The energy season runs from October 1st until September 30th. If you have received energy assistance during this time period, you are not likely to be eligible until the season resets on October 1st.

Do you provide Rental Assistance?

There may be limited funding available for rental assistance, please contact SNAP directly for more information and to see if help is available.

Are you able to help with home repairs and weatherization needs?

Yes! SNAP has an entire housing improvements team that can help with weatherization and essential home repairs related to your home’s health and safety. You can learn more HERE.

Could you tell me more about energy conservation education?

SNAP is fortunate to have a skilled energy conservation educator who can provide information about how to save more on your energy bill, as well as periodically provide tools and supplies to help you on your conservation journey. You can learn more by emailing


How do I make an appointment?

There are three ways to make an appointment:

ONE: On the Third Tuesday of each month, SNAP opens up a number of new energy appointments. You can select your appointment date/time HERE.

TWO: On the Third Tuesday of each month, you can call 509-242-7326 to make an appointment.

THREE: On a date outside of the Third Tuesday of each month, you can call our main line and make an appointment with one of our information specialists: 509-456-SNAP.

How will SNAP conduct my scheduled appointment?

Depending on the option you select when you schedule your appointment, SNAP is able to conduct an appointment remotely over the phone, or in person at an office you select.

What do I need to complete my application?

Income documentation is requested for all household members 18+ years old as well as any monies received for children under 18 for the previous month of the application date.

Verification of residency for household members may be requested for some program types.

Other verification, such as address verification, lease, and utility bill may also be requested depending on the program(s) you are applying for. This is not an exhaustive list. A SNAP Energy Specialist will assist you in completing your application during the interview process.

I can’t get through to schedule an energy assistance appointment. What do I do?

We recommend calling our main line: 509-456-SNAP. If you are unable to connect with a SNAP staff member using this number, we also recommend you utilize our contact form, which you may find HERE.

I missed my appointment or didn’t receive a call at the scheduled time. Now what?

Reach out to us right away to explain your situation and we will work with you to find a fair resolution!



I have more than one source of heat. Can I receive assistance with both?

Yes, our programs allow for a split of an energy grant. Your primary heat vendor (gas/propane/oil/electric) must receive at least 51% of a household heat grant, with no more than 49% going to a secondary vendor (electric).

I’ve had my appointment, but haven’t received a letter. When will my energy grant arrive?

Although the time it takes may fluctuate throughout the year, it generally takes 4-6 weeks for our teams to send out your letter and post your grant to your energy account.

How is my energy grant calculated?

Your grant is based on many factors: such as Total household income for the month prior to the application, the Total number of people in the home, housing type and 12 months previous heat usage. The current amount you owe is not used in the calculation of your grant.


Hours and Locations:

Learn more HERE.

How to return files:

You can submit your files in person at one of our offices, mail your paperwork, or email this information to your energy intake worker directly.


Service providers can make referrals by following this link HERE.