Where can I find out about employment opportunities at SNAP?

Positions are posted on this website. Each position is posted as it becomes open. Applications are accepted for positions listed during the dates and times indicated on the current job opportunity posting.

SNAP job openings may also be found through Worksource Washington, Americas Job Bank and other local social service agencies, colleges, universities and job boards.

An application is required for each position for which a candidate would like to be considered. Applications are electronic and available on our website. If you need to request an accommodation to complete your application or would like to request a paper application please email employment@snapwa.org

Can I submit a resume to indicate interest in a position?

No. We have found applications contain much more detail than resumes. Therefore, we require an application to be completed. A resume and cover letter may be included, but cannot substitute for a completed application.

Does SNAP perform a background check on job applicants?

All job offers are contingent upon the successful completion of a background check and review. SNAP has some programs that adhere to the DSHS Secretary’s List of Crimes and Negative Actions. Find the list here. For positions that do not fall within those contractual requirements, SNAP will ask for more information regarding the results of a criminal background check when it includes any or all of the following:  felony sex offenses, felony violent crimes against another person (assault with a deadly weapon, arson, manslaughter etc.) and felony financial crimes (identity theft, theft from a vulnerable adult etc.).  SNAP’s Human Resources team will engage in a conversation with applicants when background checks show results in these areas.  

Certain positions at SNAP also require a Department of Motor Vehicles report, a pre-employment drug test and a DOT Medical Clearance prior to hire.  When these specific items are required, it will be disclosed on the job posting and/or job description.   

What benefits does SNAP offer?

For regular status, full time employees, SNAP offers:

  • Paid medical, dental, life and long-term disability insurance (employees may purchase dependent medical and dental coverage).
  • Annual, sick and personal leave accruals, plus ten paid holidays.
  • A 403(b) retirement plan (to which SNAP contributes an amount equal to six percent of annual salary after one year of employment and employees are immediately vested).

Employees working less than 30 hours per week may be eligible for pro-rated benefits depending on type of position and hours worked.

In addition, SNAP offers a casual, friendly working environment with coworkers who are genuinely dedicated to supporting their community.


Will you keep my application on file?

SNAP accepts applications only for open positions. Applications are retained in a recruitment file for one year after a position closes. Due to staffing limitations and the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to pull old applications and transfer them for a new opening.

If it is possible, individuals may be interested in and qualified for multiple positions, we suggest candidates complete one application, leaving the job title and signature blank. After making copies, the job title and signature can be filled in for each new position and submitted with a cover letter (and resume, if desired).

Where can I find out about volunteer or internship opportunities?

SNAP has a number of volunteer opportunities. We also support learning opportunities through internships. For information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Do I have to be a citizen of the United States to work for SNAP?

Applicants must be able to complete an I-9 form.  Acceptable forms of identification include but are not limited to:  Passport/Passport Card, Permanent Resident Card, Driver’s License, State Issued Identification Card, US Military Card, Native American Tribal document, Social Security Card, birth certificate, US Citizen Identification Card,

Does SNAP have fully remote positions?

Fully remote positions are incredibly rare at SNAP.  There are two instances a position may be fully remote 1) there is an approved reasonable accommodation in place and 2) SNAP does not have the physical space available to house the staff in office.

SNAP does offer a variety of positions that allow for hybrid work. This means that staff work from an office a minimum of two days per week and work remotely the remainder of the week. 

All SNAP employees must also live within two hours of a SNAP office location.

Does SNAP require the Covid-19 vaccination?

SNAP does not currently require Covid-19 vaccination. The one exception to this is our Long Term Care Ombudsman program which falls under a State of Washington mandate requiring vaccination. 

SNAP does require employees to wear face masks anytime they are in a shared space (cubicles, break rooms, hallways, shared offices) and requires adequate social distancing.  SNAP also follows CDC guidelines regarding isolation/quarantine when exposed or testing positive for Covid-19.

SNAP is committed to remaining fully compliant with contractual or State/Federal requirements and will change our practices if and when needed.

What happens after I apply for a position at SNAP?

You will receive an email after your application is submitted that confirms your application has been received.  SNAP may reach out and request additional information when appropriate.  If you are selected for an interview a member of the SNAP team will reach out to you to schedule an interview by phone and/or email.  If you are interviewed for a position you will receive either a phone call or email regarding the process. This includes informing candidates whether they have been selected for a position or not.  There is no need to call SNAP to inquire, we will reach out to you when we have additional information or a hiring decision has been made.

What can I expect during the interview process?

SNAP may conduct an interview in person or via Zoom.  You can expect to meet with at least two SNAP staff members and most often, you will meet with at least three.  A member of SNAP’s Human Resources team participates in every interview at SNAP.  The hiring manager for the position is also typically involved in the hiring process.

We will provide you an overview of SNAP and our work in the community and an overview of the position itself.  The interview team will then take turns asking questions of the candidate.  We will always inform candidates when we are running short on time so responses can be adjusted as appropriate.  Whenever possible, we leave time at the end of an interview for any questions the candidate may have.

How long does it take to make a hiring decision?

It depends.  It could be very quick, or we may need to conduct a skills assessment or a second round of interviews.  Regardless, SNAP will keep you informed of where we are in the process.  Please also be aware that items like background checks and references checks can also create delays a hiring process. 

How does SNAP address Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace?

SNAP’s mission is to increase the human potential of our community by providing opportunities for people in need. Many people in our community face racism, discrimination and other barriers based on their identity that prevent them from reaching their human potential. SNAP cannot deliver on its mission without an active and continuing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in its policies, practices and programs.

The Board, Management, Staff and Volunteers at SNAP do their work because they have a fundamental and abiding desire to help people. We are more effective at achieving SNAP’s mission when we embrace and practice the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. SNAP’s success in these practices requires deep and honest examination of our own beliefs, current practices, the lived experiences of those we serve, and the complex web of social structures that lead to inequitable outcomes based on identity. SNAP is committed to acting on what is learned from this deep and honest examination. However difficult, uncomfortable and challenging this process, SNAP and our community is better and stronger for it.

To achieve our mission and act on our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the SNAP staff will:

  • Regularly gather and assess data that tells us who is disproportionately in need.
  • Engage those disproportionately in need in more specifically identifying and prioritizing need.
  • Engage those disproportionately in need in identifying and prioritizing opportunities that will effectively address those needs.
  • Regularly assess and identify our biases and privileges so that they do not impair our ability to deliver on equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Act as an advocate in our community for equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Ensure that our leadership, staff, volunteers and community partners reflect the diversity represented in the communities we serve

What is it like to work at SNAP?

Our 2021 Employee Engagement survey indicated that our staff are proud to work for SNAP and feel their work here contributes to SNAP’s mission.  Staff also feel supported by their supervisor and that their supervisor has a sincere interest in their well-being.  At SNAP we strive to meet our values of Community, Respect and Justice every day. Not only in how we interact with our clients but in how we interact with and care for each other as co-workers. 

Each office has team meetings and events like potlucks, BBQ’s, retreats and events to gather together, have fun and reflect on the work that we do.  Annually SNAP has four all staff gatherings – two are focused on education and learning and two are focused on having fun and eating!  Even in a virtual environment, we strive to find new ways to interact, connect with new staff and celebrate our successes together.

Nearly 50% of our staff have been with SNAP for more than 5 years and 25% have been here for more than 10 years demonstrating that SNAP is a great place to serve your community and grow as a professional.