Business Training

Get Started Learn about the business support services available at the WBC, how to write a business plan, where to find market research information to help your planning efforts, what lenders look for in a business application, the importance of developing a cash flow projection, and more. One-on-one business counseling and additional classes are only available after completion of the Get Started workshop.

Business Plan

Dream Builder (eight week workshop) Utilizing an online platform called DreamBuilder, we blend both online and classroom instruction to help you explore your dreams and passions, while completing a Business Plan.

Electronic Bookkeeping

Wave Accounting (multi-week workshop) Based on the Wave accounting program, a free cloud based system that keeps track of your business financial activities and prepare for tax reporting. Quickbooks Accounting (three-part workshop) You will learn accounting definitions, how to set up your particular business in QuickBooks, and more. This is a “hands on” training, so bring your personal laptop or tablet.


Digital Marketing (four week workshop)

Financial Counseling

Give Yourself A Raise Take hold of your financial situation by discovering key principles to succeed with your budget and avoid financial crises. Learn how to establish practical money goals and recognize predators. Navigating Your Credit World Learn how to access your credit report and understand what it means. You’ll learn how to increase your score, establish good credit, and how to deal with collection agencies. Decisive Credit Building Take the next step in building your credit by learning clear, practical ways to increase your credit rating, and how to get the most out of disputing delinquent debt. Includes a consultation with a Certified Financial Counselor Upcoming Workshops