Credit Education & Counseling

The Credit Builder program has many methods and resources to help you establish new credit, improve existing credit, or disputing errors.

There are two workshops that deal specifically with credit:Upcoming Workshops

Navigating Your Credit World

Cost: Free

  • Learn how to get free access and understand your credit reports.
  • Avoid common mistakes with debt that can ruin your financial situation and your credit.
  • Recognize the key factors in lending.
  • Find a path to build your score.
  • Understand how a top credit rating is a financial asset.

Decisive Credit Building

Cost: $50

  • Prepare for a one-one meeting with the Financial Counselor.
  • Grasp the various types of credit scores.
  • Learn clear, practical ways to increase your credit rating.
  • Possible referral to Credit Builder Loan Program!
  • We strongly recommend taking Navigating Your Credit World before Decisive Credit Building
  • $50 could save you thousands of dollars

ActionNow! Disputing Credit Errors

Free with Decisive Credit Building

  •  Get the most out of various “Dispute” and “Debt Validation” methods.
  • Tips on how to negotiate with collectors.
  • What Judgments are and how they might affect your life
  • Explain some Student Loan tips for saving money and/or getting the loan cancelled.