Applications are now being received for a limited time. Please remember that there is limited funding available. If you do get an application in it does not guarantee approval. Please read through the eligibility requirements and if ALL the requirements apply to your household move forward with the application process.

  • Currently reside in Spokane County excluding the city limits.
  • Household income is under 80% Area Median Income. To see if you qualify, see the income guidelines here.
  • Have a missed or partially missed rental payment since March 2020 and still occupy the residence.
  • Have not previously received total of 12 months of rental/utility assistance from SNAP’s rental assistance programs.

If eligible, SNAP can help with up to 12 months of rental and utility assistance including one month of future rent assistance.

We will be processing applications in the following order:

  1. Household’s who have not received any previous rental/utility assistance.
  2. Household’s who have received previous rental/utility assistance.

There is limited funding available for the rental/utility assistance programs. Please keep in mind that some of the program’s the landlord must accept the assistance. If the landlord denies the assistance, we may not be able to provide rental assistance funds to the applicant; the application would, therefore, be denied and applicants will need to seek out alternative help or work with the eviction resolution pilot programs to mediate with your landlord. The tenant screening line for help with eviction notice is 1(855)657-8387.

What you need to apply:

  • Names and birthdates of household members
  • Income for all household members over the age of 18

Thank you,
SNAP Rental Assistance