Dear Neighbors,

We know these are challenging times, and social distancing is testing the flexibility and adaptability of our staff and community. At SNAP, we are proud to say we have made several changes that don’t impact our clients’ ability be served, but that also help to keep our community healthy.

Here is how you can help us make our changes in service delivery as useful as possible:

  1. Please call SNAP for services before you make the trek to our offices. We can serve our clients remotely by you calling 509-456-SNAP.
  2. Leave a message if you don’t get through to a staff member the first time. We are working hard to answer messages quickly, so leaving a message with detailed contact information helps us all!
  3. You may also email questions you have to, where your question/concern will be routed to the appropriate staff member.
  4. If you do need to come into a SNAP office, please ensure you observe the notices posted (such as if we have a glass window to create more social distance). If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please call 456-SNAP so we can use a technology solution to serve you.

Thank you all for your patience and adaptability. Times like this, when all of our neighbors band together, cooperate, and support one another reveal why we are so proud to be neighbors by your side.


SNAP is resilient to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Please consider making a donation as we ensure our neighbors can be served and stay healthy.