SNAP Financial Access

Lending Services

SNAP can help you start your new business or expand your existing business by providing business counseling, workshops, and business loans. If you are unsure about the service that would best suit you, please contact us with any questions.

Do you have an idea for a new or your existing business? Let us know.

Loan Products

Through Snap Financial Access and its partners, you can apply for a small business loan (in amounts ranging from $500-$75,000) to help with start-up or expansion costs. While we are much more flexible than a bank, we do give consideration to your plan, your work history, your credit history and your collateral when making lending decisions.

Financial Counseling

SNAP offers workshops and one-on-one counseling for people who are interested in opening a bank account, be more successful in managing money, or improving their credit score.

Financial Access History

SNAP started a program called Neighborhood Assets in 2005 to offer loans and financial services. In 2007 Neighborhood Assets officially became a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution). In 2009 Neighborhood Assets became SNAP Financial Access.