Project Share was established to provide emergency energy assistance to those who are NOT eligible for heating assistance or who have exhausted ALL other available energy assistance sources. Project Share is intended for households that are past due or experiencing hardship. Funding comes from contributions made by local utilities and their customers.


Key Facts:

  • Households whose heat costs are included in their rent – DO NOT – qualify for Project Share
  • Project Share is not for Vera or City of Cheney households.
  • You must have a Final Notice or be within 10 days of running out of deliverable fuel and/or have a hardship.
  • Payment is limited to the minimum amount required to cover an emergency. For gas or electric heated homes assistance can not exceed $300. For homes that heat with propane, pellets, oil or coal, assistance can not exceed $400.
  • Assistance may be provided ‘once only’ every other heating season when funding is available.
For more details or to apply for assistance call us to make an appointment