October 5th is Energy Efficiency Day! Although this is one day set aside to focus on energy efficiency, SNAP does this work year-round! Did you know our free Weatherization services is a great way to save money and cut pollution? Learn more!

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SNAP Weatherization is a NO COST program that can help your home be energy efficient, warmer, and safer. Our skilled inspectors can check for and repair the following issues:

Reduce drafts with caulking and weather stripping

Improve ventilation

Install insulation in ceilings and attics, exterior walls and basements

Vent exterior roofs

Tune, clean and repair furnaces to improve efficiency

SNAP Weatherization can also check for health and safety issues in your home.

Repair or install water heaters, pipe, and duct insulation

Repair windows and doors

See below for health and safety issues this program help with:

Test for carbon monoxide levels

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors where necessary

Check for asbestos and lead paint hazards

Check out SNAP’s Weatherization program in action with this short video!

SNAP’s Weatherization Crew will explain the proper use and maintenance of all systems we install.

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The program is available for residential and multifamily housing occupied by qualified low-income residents. Apply below, and one of our Weatherization teammates will get in touch with you!

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SNAP contracts with the Federal Departments of Health and Human Services and Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, Washington State Matchmakers, and Avista Utilities to provide these services.