My Energy Discount – Washington can assist Avista clients with their energy bills. If your household qualifies you may reduce your monthly bill by 15-94%.  Learn more and apply now!

A program called My Energy Discount-Washington can reduce your monthly bill by 15-94% if you qualify.  

Note: Regular Energy Assistance, the grant you may be used to applying for, is still available for both non-Avista (Inland, Vera, Modern, Cheney, deliverable fuel), and qualifying Avista households.  

SNAP will continue to open Energy appointments on the third Tuesday of each month at 8am (as funding allows). If you still need Energy assistance, you can make an appointment on our webpage or by calling 509-242-2376 on these appointment dates. 

SNAP will also provide Emergency assistance for households in danger of losing heat or power. To see if emergency help is available for your household, call SNAP 509-456-SNAP (7627).  

Creation of the My Energy Discount-Washington program was motivated by Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) and Senate Bill 5295. These laws require energy providers to offer energy assistance programs and funding for low-income households, which must include a bill discount. 

SNAP is excited for this new program and thinks it will make paying your energy bills more affordable. Additionally, My Energy Discount-Washington, combined with other assistance, can also provide help for past due accounts and families facing hardship. 

My Energy Discount – Washington is for Avista customers whose household income is less than 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or 80% Area Medium Income (AMI), This income level is based on the number of people living in the home, and the total household income. These limits are higher than SNAP has been able to serve before, which means we can offer more help to more families.

To find out if My Energy Discount – Washington is right for you check the income guidelines, organized by family size, provided below.

All energy providers in Washington need to make changes based on the new laws in the coming years, but these changes may differ with each provider. The My Energy Discount – Washington program is only for Avista customers.

My Energy Discount – Washington started on October 1, 2023.  

Avista customers may fill out an application for My Energy Discount – Washington with SNAP by clicking HERE, calling our office 509-456-SNAP (7627), or stopping by an office and filling out a paper application. You can also contact Avista directly to enroll HERE.

This is great news for SNAP clients who’ve gotten energy assistance in the past. The discount will reduce your monthly bill, AND you will not need to schedule an energy appointment with SNAP for the grant program.  Also, once enrolled, the discount is good for two years. After that, you can simply reenroll. For households on a fixed income, the enrollment period is four years. 

If you have had Energy assistance in the last two years, you will be automatically enrolled in the new program. You should see the discount on your bill. You will also receive a letter in the mail from Avista about your discount. 

If your household size or income has changed since you got Energy Assistance you can update your information by filling out an update form HERE, by visiting a SNAP office, or by calling SNAP at 509-456-SNAP (7627). 

If you have not gotten Energy assistance before, check HERE to see if you might qualify for My Energy Discount – Washington. If you think you qualify, you can enroll by: completing the enrollment form HERE, calling SNAP (509-456-SNAP (7627)), or stopping by a SNAP office and filling out a paper application. We can also let you know about other SNAP programs you may qualify for. You can also contact Avista directly to enroll HERE.