August is National Make-A-Will Month! It’s a perfect time to secure your financial future and protect your loved ones through estate planning. Making decisions about your assets can be confusing, which is why SNAP has partnered with FreeWill to offer a free online tool that helps you create your will in about 20 minutes. Completing this process can bring great peace of mind for you and those you care about. By creating a will you can:

  • Ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes.
  • Provide financial security and support for your loved ones.
  • Leave a lasting legacy by supporting causes that you care about

It’s surprising that two-thirds of Americans don’t have an estate plan in place. However, FreeWill has already helped thousands of people complete this essential process.

We invite you to take advantage of this free resource right now and create a will that safeguards your assets, provides for your loved ones, and supports the causes that matter most to you.