Student Loan Repayment Chutes and Ladders

The student loan situation today is reaching a crisis.  Never before have we had so much debt, so much delinquency, and so much confusion. 

Though there are so many safety nets no loans should ever become delinquent, the customer service reps typically know very little about the programs available to borrowers and cannot always give the best advice. This means that borrowers are often steered into into predatory programs or programs that are not ideal for their specific situation.

Federal Student Loans has become an expensive game of “Chutes & Ladders” where if you get into the right program you can pay off your loans easily and might even get thousands wiped away, or if you get into the wrong program you could be shocked to find you have to start all over to achieve the loan forgiveness you were expecting. 

Come to SNAP workshop, Chutes and Ladders of Student Loan Repayment and learn how to:

  • Remove much of the “mystery” of Federal Student Loans.
  • Understand the “floorplan” of Federal Student Loan Repayment so you can climb ladders and avoid chutes in the repayment process.

If you have student loans or have close friends and family with student loans, you will want to catch this stimulating workshop.

About the Instructor:

Jay MacPherson: “I have been employed as a Financial Counselor at SNAP Financial Access for almost 7 years.  I have looked at a lot of credit reports in that time.  Most of my clients have had major student loan debt and no real idea about what payment plans or programs were available to them.  Many were overwhelmed about how to pay off the debt.  I could help them build their credit score or give them some tips about managing their money, but the whole mysterious realm of Federal Student Loan Debt was growing more puzzling all the time.  Finally, I was able to get some answers and that led to resources to find more answers.  For months, every free moment I had, was dedicated to researching Federal Student Loan debt, the various plans, the types of debt, the programs, all I could learn.  The first thing I learned was it was even more complicated and confusing than I imagined. 

Now I have wrestled with the issues and asked tough questions to where I feel I have a grip on how this works and want to share it with others.  Based on meeting with so many people about credit over the years, I know for certain this is a big issue, if not, THE big issue in their finances.  I hope many student loan borrowers can avoid thousands of dollars of interest and debt.  I was driven and compelled to prepare this workshop knowing with full confidence it would help many, many people.  I want people to have confidence they are making the best decisions with the student loans and see a light at the end of a confusing tunnel.” 

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