I’ve been turned down for a bank account. Can you still help me? Yes, our Second Chance Banking program is designed for people who have been denied services at a financial institution. Most people who come to Second Chance Banking are not eligible for a traditional bank or credit union account due to a record in ChexSystems. In nearly every case we can still help you to establish a savings account. How soon will I get my account? That depends on you. All participants are required to complete a two-hour Money Management class before an account can be opened. At these classes participants complete required paperwork that will be submitted to Numerica Credit Union for processing. Approximately one week later participants will be contacted to let them know that their accounts have been opened and to set an appointment time to pick up their new credit union membership cards. With member cards in-hand, participants are free to use their provisional savings accounts as needed. Can I submit my application online? No. Due to federal identification requirements, applications must be submitted in person. Those wishing to open an account will need to bring valid (not expired or punched) photo ID. What are the other program requirements? Participants are required to take a two-hour Money Management class. Participants must complete the required paperwork and have a valid ID. After the account is open, participants have 30 days to submit an opening deposit of $5 or more. Without this deposit the account will be closed. Participants attend a minimum of six one-hour independent coaching sessions. These consist of one independent coaching session per month for three months, followed by one independent coaching session every three months for nine months. Participants are expected to track their income and expenses, plan budgets, save money and eventually make debt repayments. Can I get a loan from you? When someone joins Second Chance Banking they become a member of Numerica Credit Union. As members prove to their credit union that they are credit-worthy, through participation in the independent coaching, saving money and paying off debt, they may be considered for a credit card or a small loan. If credit card and loan payments are made in full and on time, every time, participants may quality for a larger loan. Through our Credit Builder program, Credit Builder Loans are designed specifically to help establish positive credit history. Click here for more information. Where can I cash my check? We do not handle cash at the ACCESS office. We partner with credit unions that provide accounts to our clients. Credit unions participate in shared branching, with a total of six different credit unions in the Spokane area participating. This means that you can deposit, withdraw, and cash checks at any of those credit union branches at your convenience. Our partnering credit union is Numerica Credit Union. When can I get an ATM card? Most participants become eligible for an ATM card after progressing through the program for three months. This means that clients have been planning budgets, saving money, and participating in independent coaching. When can I get a checking account? Most participants become eligible for a provisional checking account after progressing through the program for six months. After meeting the requirements for an ATM card, clients will complete a debt repayment plan and start to reduce their debt. When can I get a debit card? Most participants become eligible for a debit card after progressing through the program for nine months. When can I get a traditional account? Most participants become eligible for a traditional savings and checking account after progressing through the program for 12 months. After meeting the requirements for a checking account, clients will demonstrate the ability to maintain their financial wellbeing. At this point we are happy to graduate you from a provisional to a traditional savings and checking account. This means that your account is no longer monitored or restricted. Any additional questions? Contact Jay MacPherson if you have any questions! 509-456-7627 ext 4101