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Washington Trust Bank Global Credit Union Mountain West Bank American West Bank Inland Northwest Bank State Bank NW
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Press Release
January 31st 2012
Bank On Spokane is a consortium of seven local banks and credit unions and a number of local non-profit organizations. They have united to promote financial wellness by encouraging the public to open a bank account and thus the door to more opportunities for savings and stability. Partners have created accounts that cater to the needs of the more than 8,000 households in the Spokane area that do not have access to a traditional checking account. These accounts feature low or no opening costs, low opening deposit requirements, as well as considerations for those that may need a “second chance” or have had banking troubles in the past.
According to City of Spokane CFO Gavin Cooley, “the Bank On initiative works to make bank accounts and other basic financial services available to everyone in our community. This will allow many of our citizens to avoid paying large usury fees for cashing checks and paying bills. It is a simple step that can put individuals on a track to financial stability, thereby building a stronger, healthier community.”
Bank On Spokane is an initiative of the Spokane CA$H Coalition, a local asset building group comprised of corporate, government and non-profit organizations that provide opportunities for lower income working families and individuals to acquire, save and grow money and other assets.