SNAP is part of a critical network of over 1,000 Community Action Agencies that are reaching children and families in 99% of America’s communities with life-changing services. As a generous supporter of SNAP, you help ensure that your neighbors are able to take care of their families and have an equal opportunity at success.         

Did you know 44% of Americans cannot cover a $400 unexpected expense?  

SNAP works with your neighbors to help them build assets and financial skills by offering educational opportunities, building an understanding of how to increase their financial stability. SNAP also offers loans for families wanting to purchase a home or start a small business.

Did you know low-income households typically spend 16% of their annual budget on energy costs?  

By offering energy assistance to your neighbors, SNAP relieves pressure of having to choose between paying an energy bill or paying for other important needs, such as prescription medications or food. Last year, our energy programs helped over 12,000 Spokane County households.

Did you know SNAP provides Ride to Health services for your community neighbors?

Services include rides to urgent care facilities for low-acuity medical needs, visits from community health workers, and rides to medical or dental appointments, food banks, job interviews, and more.

Did you know the health-related benefits for each weatherized unit is valued at more than $14,000 per home?  

Last year, SNAP weatherized 246 homes, allowing your neighbors to live in warm and more energy efficient homes. 

Did you know nearly 40 million Americans are living in poverty, and even more are one paycheck away from hardship?  

These are our neighbors, and 45,124 of them received help from SNAP last year. Investing in SNAP is investing in sustainable solutions to our community’s issues and helping your neighbors reach their potential.

SNAP is committed to the Promise of Community Action: to change people’s lives, embody the spirit of hope, improve communities, and make America a better place to live. We are about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

Jenelle was a single mom wanting to improve her situation and be able to buy a home. Dedicated to improving her credit with SNAP’s help, she worked hard and will soon own a home of her own.

I wanted to better my future. I wanted to know what the best steps were to get there. I wanted to do it for my kids.”

Please give today and every dollar you donate will help ensure that SNAP is available to help Spokane County residents with critical services to help them exit poverty. SNAP’s Endowment Fund allows us to be resilient into the future, having money available to innovate and respond to our community’s needs. With our clients, we stress the importance of saving to invest in their futures, and continuing to invest in our Endowment ensures we are practicing what we preach.