Comcast Cares Day volunteers at SNAP Financial Access

SNAP was the beneficiary of the tremendous support from over 300 volunteers taking part in Spokane’s Comcast Cares Day this past April. Nationwide there were over 100,000 Comcast employees and their families volunteering at over 1,000 projects for Comcast Cares Day, making this the nation’s largest single-day corporate volunteer effort. SNAP was so lucky to be one of the organizations receiving such amazing community support and offer projects to help them reach their 1 millionth volunteer.

Over the course of a week (to allow 24/7 Comcast staff to all have a chance to volunteer), we oversaw five project days.  Volunteers carried out amazing work to improve our sites, including landscaping and beautification, painting, and retaining-wall building at Riverwalk, landscaping at Fort Wright, and painting at Financial Access.

We were also able to partner with Washington Trust Bank, who brought out the Grill Truck and fed over 150 volunteers at Riverwalk – what amazing community support we have here in Spokane!

Are you interested in volunteering with SNAP, individually or with a group? Contact us to find out about options: email or visit our website HERE.