Special thanks to the generous individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches who donated to SNAP in 2018.

Businesses, Foundations, and Churches

Air Control Heating & Electric

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union


Amerigroup Corporation

Arby’s of Spokane


Avista Foundation

Baird Foundation Inc

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Banner Bank


Bernardo-Wills Architects PC

Better Health Together

Broadway Group

Camco Construction


Cathedral of St John the Evangelist

Catholic Charities

Center for Organizational Reform

Children’s Choice Pediatric Dentistry

City Glass

Clear Risk Solutions

Coast Real Estate Services

Coffman Engineers


Commonwealth Agency Inc

DaVita Total Renal Care

Divine’s Corporation

Eide Bailly LLP

Excelsior Youth Center

Faith Bible Church

Faulding Fuel Fund at Innovia Foundation

First Interstate Bank

Fruci & Associates

Gee Automotive Companies


George F. Jewett Foundation

Gesa Credit Union

Gonzaga University

Greer Enterprises

Group Health Community Foundation

Gus Johnson Ford

Hanna & Associates

Hawkins Edwards, Inc.

HDR Engineers

Horizon Credit Union

Hospice of Spokane

Hotel RL

Hotstart Inc


Inland Construction & Development Co.

Inland Power & Light

Innovia Foundation

Integrus Architecture

Itron Community Investment

Josh 2415, LLC

Kapelac Financial Services

Kiemle & Hagood Company

KM and GA Buder Memorial Fund at Innovia Foundation

Lakeside Capital Group

Larry H Miller Auto Group

Lukins & Annis

Mainstream Electric

Misterek Family Fund

Modern Electric Water Company

Molina Healthcare of WA

Mount St Joseph Sisters

Mountain West Bank


National Equity Fund

Northwest Taco Co

Numerica Credit Union

Paine Hamblen LLP

Picabu Bistro

Plese Printing and Marketing

Prime Real Estate

Providence Health & Services

Randall Danskin, P.S.

Resource Synergy


Safeway Foundation

Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc

Sisters of Providence

Spokane Association of Realtors

Spokane Chiefs

Spokane County Superior Court

Spokane County Title

Spokane Federal Credit Union

Spokane Real Estate Services

Spokane Regional Health District

Spokane Valley Community of Christ

St Clare Ecumenical Catholic Community

St Luke Lutheran Church

St. Stephens Episcopal Church

Thai Bamboo Restaurant, LLC

Travelers Companies Inc

UBS Financial

Umpqua Bank

US Bank

Valley Rotary Charitable Association

Viren and Associates Inc

Wagstaff, Inc.

Washington Federal Foundation

Washington Trust Bank

Wells Fargo

Wheatland Bank

Whitworth University

Witherspoon Brajcich McPhee PLLC


ZBA Architecture PS

Individuals $5,000+

John Hemmingson

Scott and Lizbeth Morris

Innovia – Tom and Gail Stevenson Advised Fund


Individuals $1,000 – $4,999

Kim and Mary Kay Anderson


Pamela Behring

Christopher Davis and Shannon Myers

Carol Ellis

Bill and Pam Gothmann

Carol  Haugen

Ron Hawkins

Steve and Theresa  Helmbrecht

Julie Honekamp

Vicki Jorgens

Tyler and Kelly Lafferty

Vernon Loke

Patrick and Suzanne Lynch

Mark and Christine McCabe

Sally McKen

John & Lori Moloney

Mike Moloney

Timm Ormsby

Leonard Rison, Jr.

Mary  Rosman

Bart Sarat

Mary Anne Stuckart

Tom Tremaine & Sally Pritchard

Individuals $500-999

Earl and Ellie Adolphson

Kathy Allen

Anne Marie Axworthy

Tracy  Bench

Bruce Calkins

Tim and Marcia Dorwin

Anne  Gorman

Peter and Cheryl Grabicki

Karla  Greer

Tom Hansen

Ted and Kathy Hay

Jennifer Hicks

Kenneth Hill

Shari   Kain

Christi Kile

Larry and Lucy Lepinski

Susan McLuen

Bill and Mary Murphy

Arlene          Patton

Mark and Wendy Richard

Thomas and Dawn Schaaf

Annette Seubert and Lily May Emert

Dorothy Stangler

Tony and Marianne Stenlund

Jeff and Leslie Warner

Richard and Carie Weeks

Bill and Danielle Witte

Individuals $100-$499

Cindy  Algeo

Leah Altimore

Mike Altringer

Christie Anderson

Dennis Anderson

Deidre Arnold

Artis and Susan Ashe

Wayne and Joyce Attwood

David and Heidi Austin

Abe and Lauren Azar

Jolene Baldwin

Jennifer Ballantyne

Julie Banks

Heather Barbieri

J. Stephen Barratt

Michael and Maureen Basinger

Timothy & Judith Beamer

Mistie  Beasley

Robin Bedilion

Callie  Bendickson

Lonnie and Brenda  Benn

Lawrence and Suzanne Bettinger

Andy  Billig

Mary Helen Black

Laura Bloxham

Seanna Bodholt

Reanette Boese

Ash and Bridget Boodel

Jamie Borgan

Brandan and Adriane Borgias

Skip and Sharon Boyer

Kandy Brandt

Lawrence Briggs

Richard & Kay Brightman

TJ Brill

Judith Brown

Kate   Burke

Patricia Cackowski

Ryan Camp

Karen Campbell

Claire  Carden

Jon Carollo

Delores Carstensen

Randy Casto

Pat and Nancy Chase

Pam Cloninger

Alan and Renee Coelho

Jason Cook

Fred   Cox

Laura Creel

Jennifer Crofoot

Vicky  Dalton

Dean  Davis

Gene  DiRe

Pat Dockrey

Peggy Doering

Chris and Michele Drake

Dean and Mary Duncan

George and Doris Dyer

Darin and Stacie Eckert

Jayne Edens

Timothy Engh

Albert Fein

Vince  Feltes

Amanda Figy

Craig  Fischer

Michael Flannery

Vic & Joan Forni

Sharon Forsyth

Brian and Susan Foster-Dow

Paul Fruci

Brad Gassman

Ric Gaunt

Ron Gaunt

Kathleen George

Marlene Geraghty

George Girvin

Stacey Goddard

Jeff and Melissa Gombosky

Lorraine Gray

Nanette Guerry

Bart and Lindell Haggin

Bob and Pat Hahn

Margy Hall

Heidi   Hansen

Melissa Harris

Patricia Hartnett

Andrew and Darci   Hastings

Raju and Beth Hegde

Chad and Suzanne Heimbigner

Melanie Heinz

Yonicio Hernandez

Greg  Hesler

Doug and Linda Heyamoto

Dave  Himebaugh

Dawn Holden

Jeff Holy

Chuck and Jenifer Hormel

Bruce and Debra Howard

Timothy and Priscilla Ice

Ken and Nancy Isserlis

Golie  Jansen

Jana   Jaraysi

Collette Jarvelin

Chad  Jensen

Amber Johnson

Lisa Jones

Margaret Jones

Dan Jordan

Julia Jose

Danielle Kaschmitter

Mike and Joan Keegan

Claudette Kenmir

Mike and Betty Kennedy

Megan Kennedy

Lynn   Kimball

Darin  Klundt

Brigid  Krause

Donna          Kuest

Shelly Kuney

Christine Kusske

Stephanie Lambert

Stephen and Theresa Lamp

Laura Lawton

Robert and Cyndi Lentz

Elizabeth Lochte

Jared  Lyman

John   Lynch

Diane  Mahan

Alex   Mann

Robert and Janice   Martin

Jennifer Martin

Tonya Mason

Ana Matthews

Dia Maurer

Lynn McClatchey

Jo McCleary

Mariah McConnaughey and Jonathan Myers

Sarah McDonnell

Julia   McHugh

Connie Meyer

Ellen and Jackie Miller

Irice    Milligan

Robert and Jacqueline Moore

Leanne Mullikin

Bill & Susan Mulvihill

Keith & Staci Nelson

Dao Nguyen

Sharon Niblock

Holly  Norton

Cathy Nystrom

Jeff and Gina          O’Neill

Mike and Jeanette  Ormsby

Carmen Pacheco-Jones

Mike and Laura Padden

Rick and Kim Pearman-Gillman

Donna          Pickens

DeeDee Pike

Howard and Louise Pilcher

Shelly Redinger

Raymond Reyes

Marcus Riccelli

Redhawk & Edie Rice-Sauer

Lois Richards

Clyde and Elizabeth          Ries

Talesha Roberson

Rae Anne Roberts

Mary  Robinson

Bill and Sharon Robinson

Paul and Kerri Rodkey

Cheryl Rohrig

Lawrence and Carol Roscoe

Gerald          Rosen

Tom Sahlberg

Shawna Sampson

Terri and Kerry Schanzenbach

Kathleen Schilb

Janet  Schmidlkofer

Billie Severtsen

Melora Sharts

Garry  Shea

Katy Sheehan

Kristi Sherlock

Bob Spooner

Patrick and Patricia  Sprute

Jeff and Deb Stafford

Mary Stamp

Eric Steven

Patricia Stifter

Mitchell Strasner

Cathy Strohmaier

Robert and Paula Stuckart

Mary  Stuckart

Ben and Ann Stuckart

Eric and Essie Stutzman

Marilyn Sullivan

Steve Sunleaf

Richard Sutter

Todd and Stephanie Taylor

Mark and Cindy Thompson

David & Susan Thompson

Tricia Usab

Dirk Vastrick

Jerry and Maxine Vigil

Kim Vollan

Warren and Sandra Walker

Barry Weber

Peter and Beth Weller

Carlene Wells

Carol  Weltz

Dave  Werme

Rebecca West

Mable West

Don & Mary Westerman

Brenda Wilbur

EH Williams

Mike and Nancy Wilson

Patricia Wisniewski

Shirene Young

Weiling Zhu

Individuals $1-$99

Don Adair

Carol  Albietz

Sandra Altshuler

Craig  Andersen

Steve and Susan Anderson

Arielle Anderson

Kay Anderson

Gary Anderson and Linda  Grabicki

Robert         Auvil

Kimberly Babb

Bridget Barrington

Michael Bayley

Allison          Bennett

John Bergeleen

Roger Berger

Nicole Bishop

Julia Bjordahl

Lorna Bogarosh

Richard and Carol Bonino

Justin  Botejue

Heather Bowman

Sarah Brede

Jeff and Melinda Bryant

Peggy Cannon

Judy Carlacio

Danny and Kady Charlesworth

Kelli Cler

Amber Comfort

Patrick and Laurie Connelly

Leah Coughlin

Jefferson Coulter

Jessica Cross

Larry and Alice Damm

Brian Davenport

Mike and Rebecca  Davis

Christian Deleon

Stacy Destito

Cary and Joni Driskell

Rudy  Duenas

Carl and Joan Durkoop

Caleb Egli

Kayti   Elam

Alicyn Elder

Kit Ellingwood

Marilyn Elliott

Connie Etten

Ned and Megan Fadeley

Jana Farace

Erika   Fields

Gene  Fitzpatrick

Taryn  Fletcher

Cameryn Flynn

Katherine Fowler

Susan Frankovich

Ronald and Marianne Frase

Deby  Fredericks

Robert Gersh

Lars Gilberts

Michael Goode

Missy Gores and Kevin Koch

Devon Greyerbiehl

Nicolle Hansen

Christina Hatton

Chad  Haverkamp

Karen Heaps

Robyn          Highbarger

JoAnn Howard

Rebekah Johnson

Amy Jones

Kendra Jones

Rebecca Kahl

Laura Kaschmitter

Mike and Corrina Kelsey

Stephanie Krebs-Anderson

Misty  Kunstmann

James Lake

Nick Lazorik

Bud and Diane Leber

Craig and Sherry Lee

Lisa Lee

Joel Lee

Levi Liljenquist

Annette Long

Shannon Mack

Jaime Majure

Jonathan and Alison Mallahan

Mary  Marr

Charles Marsh

Jim and Mary Ann   McCurdy

Dan McDowell

David  McGann

Steve McIntosh

Richard and Brenda McKinley

Melissa McNabb

Matt Michels

Pat Millen

Terri Mills

Carly Moore

Elizabeth Mulligan

Mike Mulroy

Deborah Munyon

Bud Nameck

Scott  Neue

Bob Niles

Beverly Novin

Joel Novin

Dan Ophardt

Thadeus O’Sullivan

Bob Peeler

Scott  Peterson

Rene  Phelps

Ellen   Pierce

Wendy Powell

Nathaniel Prior

Bill and Vern Prouty

Mary and John Quinn-Hurst

Scott and Paula Rabey

Tammy Raynor

Autumn Reed

Mark  Rehn

Hilary  Reisinger

Mary  Richards

Valerie Richardson

Charles Robeson

Melanie Rose

Sallie  Rowe

Scott  Rudy

Karen Rupiper

Mario  Sailas

Stoja  Saric

Danica Schacher

Heather Schleigh

Judith Schoepflin

Hugh  Severs

Kippie Shadix

Troy   Sims

Barbara Slaughter

Kristina Stolp

Anne  Tenold

Rachel Terrell

Jennifer Thomas

Leeanna Tidd

Jessica Towne

Darlene Turner

Israel  Vidales

Kim Weller

Melissa Wells

Steve and Cindy Wenke

Jody Westfall

Michelle Widner

Chuck and Nancy Wilbert

Rick and Diana Wilhite

Kevin and Marelee  Wood

Jessie Workman

Judie Wozniak

Larry and Mary Wright

Richard Wyatt

Tami Yager

Jenelle Zuchetto